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Photo by: Lisa Germany - Visit Greenland

Application for the Exploitation of Genetic Resources  

An application is submitted by completing an application form. You can access the application here.

Once the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Business and Trade is in receipt of your application, the Ministry will confirm receipt of the application.

The application will then be shared with the relevant case manager. The relevant departments will then review the application.

The completed application should be sent to:

From the date an application is recieved by the Ministry, the processing period can take 3 months before the license is granted. The Ministry therefore requests applications to be submitted well in advance of starting an expedition.


It is possible to file a complaint concerning the decision made by the Division of Business and Trade, regarding your application for utilisation of Genetic resources in Greenland.

Complaints are sent through mail to:

A complaint has to include:

  • A justification for the complaint
  • Relevant documents:
    • Your application
    • Correspondence between the company and the Division of Business and Trade
    • The decision made from the Division of Business and Trade

The Division of Business and Trade will process complaints, and the processing can take up towards 30 business days.

The Division of Business and Trade will contact the company through mail, when the complaint is processed.