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Photo by: Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

Exploitation of Greenland's Genetic Resources 

The exploitation of genetic resources includes any collection, storage, registration, acquisition, transfer and receipt of genetic resources within and from Greenland. Anyone wishing to exploit genetic resources in Greenland shall apply for permission to do so. Exploitation also includes research and development conducted based on the collected resource. Patenting based on the resource is also included in the requirement for a dividend sharing agreement.


When applying for a permit to exploit genetic resources in Greenland, the content of the application is assessed and the application material is reviewed in the relevant departments before a license is issued. If a licensee wishes to exploit the collected material or results thereof commercially, a dividend sharing agreement (Mutually Agreed Terms) shall be reached between the licensee or the licensee's institution or company, and the Government of Greenland.


The Agreement on the exploitation of genetic resources in Greenland is regulated by: "Inatsisartut Act No. 3 of 3 June 2016 on the exploitation of genetic resources and related activities". This act regulates access to and distribution of benefits derived from the exploitation of genetic resources.